Why being a vegan isn’t as environmentally friendly as you think!

Veganism has become a popular diet among a good number of people around the world. These are individuals who want to keep off from animal food products but still supply their bodies with nutrients. There are several reasons why a lot of people choose to become vegan. For instance, this diet is very effective in minimizing heart diseases, diabetes, weight loss and a way of protecting animal rights, for more details click here. No doubt those are sensible reasons for one to be vegan.

There is also this notion of people thinking that veganism is more environmentally friendly. Such people are right in their own when, because sincerely on paper veganism seems to be environmentally friendly. Here is why being a vegan is not as environmentally friendly as you think. Below are some of the reasons:

Not the best way of utilizing your farm

Though it might seem an efficient way, veganism is not the best way to utilize your land. It has a lower carrying capacity in terms of the people it can feed comfortably. In fact, it is ranked fifth behind 2 omnivorous and 2 vegetarian diets in as much as carrying capacity is concerned. It seems like a waste of time and resources switching to veganism. Your farm has to be used in the best way possible to ensure it keeps a great level of fertility always.

The high environmental cost of importing vegan products

This is one of the reasons why being a vegan is not as environmentally friendly as you think. For instance, in a country where veganism is a big deal, the country will tend to import vegan products. This is mandatory in order to ensure every individual that is a vegan gets to enjoy their diet. In recent years, there has been a reduction in vegan products such as avocados. This has in return forced an increase in the prices of this product. So being a vegan is quite expensive and it will be much better is people now started eating local producers. Unfortunately, to some extent eating local will not take care of every individual unless the state has an effective food security policy in place. It should be evident that being a vegan is not environmentally friendly as you think.

Farms cannot produce enough

As you know farms produce crop waste that is essential to animals. The animals will in return produce manure which is reliable organic manure. If every person chooses to switch to veganism, then there will be a shortage. There will be a few grazing fields since most of them would have been converted to croplands to substitute the deficit. Ultimately, there will be a reduction in the number of livestock. In addition, there will be a need to produce more artificial fertilizer to be used in growing vegan crops. That itself is very expensive. So as much as being a vegan is a good idea, it has its list of flaws to the environment.

To end this first post, keep in mind that being a vegan is a great idea but it has its disadvantages. The environmentally is at risk of being adversely affected by the increasing number of vegans. There is a need to take some precaution in as much as you prefer the vegan diet.